About Us

Where will you find Powersmith products?

Anywhere you want to make your life brighter, cleaner, neater, and just plain better!

At home or on the job, our LED Work Lights are the brightest you will find, but they won’t burn you or send you running to the store for bulbs, because they stay cool to the touch and the bulbs NEVER need replacing.

Our rechargeable LED lights run for hours and are perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, and the RV life. Our spotlight is waterproof and it floats!

Time for some yard maintenance? Our battery-powered Outdoor Power Equipment mows, trims, cuts and blows away debris just like gas-powered tools, but without the annoying noise, fumes, gas, oil, and pesky pull-ropes that you have to deal with when using gas. Lithium-Ion battery technology makes them run longer, and just charge them up at the end of the season before storing them and they will be still-charged and ready to go the following year!

And you can relax on a cold Winter night with your wood stove or pellet stove running at peak efficiency because you were able to clean it with one of our best-selling Ash Vacuums. You can even vacuum up warm ash safely!

Powersmith products are loaded with the features, performance, and versatility that you just don’t find in ordinary brands.